Meet: Gavin Hayes

Me (Gavin Hayes) pictured in a photo from this past summer.

Born in 2003, it would be impossible to say I have seen it all as a Met fan. But some how, and some way, I have.

Within my tenure, I have learned to love the lows, and have found a magic in the highs. I’ve also found that being a Met fan isn’t about the past, nor about the future. It is about living in the moment and being grateful for what you have, and what it could be. Life won’t ever be easy as a Met fan, we have a history, but I have learned to love the history we have.

I am from Upstate New York, and currently in High School. As my freshman year comes to a close, baseball season starts up. I attend MiLB games all summer, all over the Northeast. My local team is the Hudson Valley Renegades (Tampa Bay Rays, Single A-SS), but my favorites are the Binghamton Rumble Ponies (New York Mets, Double-A), and the newly re-branded Syracuse Mets (New York Mets, Triple-A), formerly the triple A affiliate of the Washington Nationals.

My prior work as a journalist includes establishing Flushing’s Farm which provides Mets Minor League news. There I’m what you’d call a multimedia producer, which is a person who spreads information through different outlets (like social media). To accomplish this I taught myself photoshop and video editing skills while I learn photography as well. Joining the writing team here at Amazin’ Prospects was the next logical step for me as I continue running the Flushing Farms page as well. There, I recently have hit the milestone of 5,000 followers. I firmly believe it is just the beginning of something great.

I look forward to writing for Amazin’ Prospects, and can not wait for this coming season. The organization is once again in good health, and ripe for another World Series run!

Also, shout out to my supporters reading this from Flushing’s Farm, and any friends or family who happen to see this. I really do appreciate the support and help, my best goes out to all of you.

You can follow my personal on Twitter and Instagram @_Gavin_Hayes_

You can follow my Flushing’s Farm on Twitter and Instagram @FlushingsFarm


  1. Year I became a Mets fan: Born in ’03, so let’s say 2008.
  2. Favorite Met: I don’t really have one, maybe Carlos Beltran or Johan Santana.
  3. Favorite Mets moment: When Osama Bin Laden was killed, and Phillies and Mets fans came together to chant USA at a game in 2011. Daniel Murphy was at the plate, rocking the black jersey. Unforgettable.
  4. Least favorite Mets moment: The hatred had for former Manager Terry Collins, I always liked him. He got a bad rap after 2015, which will always get me going.
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