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Photo: Josh Wolf, via Instagram, @joshwolf30

Committed to Texas A&M, the Mets drafted a high-upside right-handed pitcher by the name of Josh Wolf with the 53rd pick of the 2019 MLB Draft.  At 6-2 and 165 pounds, Wolf is a slim looking righty with power stuff along with a couple of sharp breaking pitches including a curveball and a changeup to complement his high octane fastball.  Wolf had a 1.52 ERA through 69 innings with a whopping 126 strikeouts this season in St. Thomas High School in Houston, Texas.

Wolf adds a high upside pitcher to a Mets farm known for developing top tier pitchers and is currently assigned to the GCL Mets, the rookie affiliate in the Gulf Coast League.

Yehuda Schwartz- You were drafted in the 2nd Round, 53rd overall.  Where were you and what went on when you found out?

Wolf- I was at home with my parents, grandparents, sister, aunts, uncles, pitching coach, trainer, and close friends with me and the whole draft was a whirlwind and I really had no idea where I was going to go, and then I got the call from the Mets fairly early in the draft around pick 33 or 34 so I had a fairly good idea that they were going to pick me so it was a waiting game for the next 20 picks really.  You never know who is gonna pick you until your name gets called but it was a heck of a night, it went well and I enjoyed it.  

Schwartz- What is in your pitching arsenal?

Wolf- I have a fastball, a curveball, a changeup and I’m trying to develop a cutter.

Schwartz- Like Mariano’s cutter?

Wolf- I like (Jacob) deGrom’s cutter, to be honest.  I’m in his organization and I’m sure that’s the route that the organization takes as he probably learned it from the organization so I’ll be connected with the right people.  

Schwartz- What are your pitch velocities?

Wolf- Fastball 95-98, curveball high 70’s low 80’s, changeup was 85-86.

Schwartz- What do you think about all the power in the game between the power pitching and all the home runs?

Wolf- I was just talking to my Dad about this because it seems like there are so many more home runs being hit now than 5-6 years ago.  Even though the home runs are up, there are a ton of strikeouts by pitchers. The batting averages aren’t that good due to that but even with all the home runs, the pitchers are still having pretty good success.  

Schwartz- Analytics and sabermetrics have taken over the game.  What are your thoughts on them and do you use them to impact your game?

Wolf-  I don’t read too much into it but I pay attention to spin rate and stuff like that because data has shown that the higher the spin rate, the more success you might have.  I know right around where I need to be and I’ll try to throw with the spin that gives me the best success. You can’t read too much into it but still, need to look somewhat.  

Schwartz- Have you hit 3000 RPM on a curve? What is the highest you’ve hit?

Wolf- I have not hit 3000 but I have hit 2700 area.

Schwartz- Have you ever spoken to any current or former major leaguers?

Wolf- Yes I have been pretty closely connected to the game.  I actually had a pitching lesson from Trevor Bauer and he gave me a bunch of pointers.  I also am good friends with Alex Bregman’s little brother so I’ve spoken to Alex a few times.  I have been able to take knowledge from them and help make myself better.

Schwartz- What do you think of 1B Pete Alonso?

Wolf- He’s amazing.  Hopefully, I get to play with him one day.  He’s a hard worker and keeps getting better which is going to be dangerous for the league.  He’s a super nice guy and that’s the case with the whole organization. I’ve spoken to Brandon Nimmo a few times because he’s down here in Port St. Lucie and he gives me as much time as I need and answers all my questions.  He’s a super nice guy. 

Schwartz- How has the transition to the pro’s been? In high-school it’s only a couple of hours on the field and in the pros its many hours of reps.

Wolf- At first it was hard because you really keep telling yourself “when is your next break” because your whole life in school you have baseball and then school so the first couple of days it was weird because you were waiting for the next thing to happen in the day but in reality that’s it, your day is baseball and I’ve realized that now and I love it.  I know I’ve got to work hard to be able to go out there. It’s my job there and it’s awesome.  

Schwartz- Is there anything different with the ball from high school to the pros?

Wolf- The seams are a little tighter so its harder to grip the ball but I’ve been throwing with it the last week and a half and I’m starting to get used to it.  The curveball is a little harder pitch to throw but as I keep throwing with the ball I’ll start learning how to throw the curveball with that ball.  

Schwartz- What do you think about the Mets going back to back years with lots of high school pitchers?

Wolf- I think there is a risk with it but you see in the Mets system with three All-Stars all drafted, they know what they are doing when they are drafting these pitchers.  



Favorite Pitcher- Clayton Kershaw

Favorite Hitter- Jose Altuve

Favorite Color- Blue

Favorite NFL Team- Houston Texas

Favorite NBA Team- Houston Rockets

Favorite NHL Team- Los Angeles Kings

Favorite Food- Steak

Favorite Car- G-Wagon

Pet Peeve- Don’t have one 

Favorite Genre of Music- Rap

Favorite Artist- Travis Scott

Favorite Movie- Don’t Mess With The Zohan 

Favorite Netflix- Narcos


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